Vajda Péter Primary School of Music and Sportschool

Vajda Péter Primary School of Music and Sportschool, the school of the Officer's Colony ( Tisztviselőtelep) in Józsefváros (one of the districts of Budapest) has been in the service of basic education since 1913. The historic building of our school, which was designed by Lechner Ödön, the famous architect in that time, was finished in the year 1924. Basic (elementary and then primary) teaching was introduced from the beginning. Until 1970 boys and girls used the two sidewings of the school separately but since then it has been under one administration. Since 1963 a musical section has been working at our school and our choruses have had a great success inside and outside the country borders during the past years. They often make guest performances in the country and abroad as well. Every pupil of our school learn to play the recorder and they become the member of the school chorus, too. Our chorus and folksong singers regularly get gold qualification in national qualifying competitions.

Section of physical education has also been working at our school since 1971. Our pupils often get the three first places in the student's olympic games of Budapest and Hungary. Every pupil learn to swim as a part of their timetable. Our school is a sportschool of the type of public education and methodology centre accredited by the National Sport Office and the National Institute for Sport Talent Care and Sport Service ( NUPI-USI). In the teaching as a sportschool we cooperare with more sport associations and sports clubs, too. In our education we integrate the socially handicapped pupils as well as those who are the members of ethnic minorities.

During the school year we arrange school camps for a week (so called "school in the forest") in different parts of Hungary. In the summer camps at lake Balaton, camp for watersports and training camp of floorball wait for those who need a rest. Our school is also a member of the international ECOSCHOOL network. In our work the education of enviroment- and health concious lifestyle has a very important role. Since 2005 the school is officially the practice place of teacher's training for Eötvös Lóránd University of Sciences and the Raoul Wallenberg Secondary School for Human Studies. During our work we have received the title of Violence- Free and Health Concious School, Point for the Talented (Tehetségpont) and Pre- Qualified Reference Institution. In 2008 we received the prize of "JÓ SPORT" (prize for those who did much for the sport of Józsefváros).

Since 2011 we have been in the projects of the COMENIUS Life-long Learning Programme, School Cooperations and Personal Mobilities.


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  • Elérhetőségek
  • 1089 Budapest, Vajda Péter u. 25-31.
  • Tel.: 333-4913
  • Igazgató tel.: 313-7417
  • Mobil tel: 06-30/297-1185
  • Email: info@vajdaiskola.hu
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